We've had 2,101 Hampton Roads military, teachers, first responders, and working professionals join the Fitness Forever Movement!

The Gym Where…Strangers Become Family

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What We Believe...

  • Lifestyle: Serving our community through a lifestyle of health and fitness.
  • Community: Providing Coaching, Partnerships and a place to bring our community together.
  • Results: We have the most 5-Star reviews in Norfolk because we deliver the most results. 

Who We Are Not...

  • Landlords: We don't believe in renting your equipment and hoping you don't show. If you miss a week, we will know. 
  • Set and Forgetters: Most CrossFit gyms ask your goals on day one, if at all, and then leave your fate up to you. With bi-weekly accountability meetings (we call them Focus Sessions) we ensure you are top of mind. 
  • ​Nickel and Dimers: We believe in providing all of the tools necessary to accomplish a full lifestyle change. Results, Community, Coaching and Partnerships. Our membership is all-inclusive. One price, full access. No "Add-Ons."

Fitness Forever Movement

The Fitness Forever Movement is a decision to become the strongest, healthiest and most giving version of yourself in order to be a net positive to those around you.

Our Whiteboard Pics

We believe in Results. That is why we started the "whiteboard" photo movement in the Hampton Roads area in 2018. Since then we have had nearly 1,000 photos taken and just as many lives changed! Click here to take a look at some of the most recent photos.

Your First

We establish goals, set expectations, embed you into the community and instill the accountability needed to jump start your shift to a full lifestyle change. Nutrition, Coaching, Yoga and Community events all included. 

Commit To The Lifestyle 

Fitness should be a facet of your life but it doesn't need to consume it. We provide the most effective and efficient form of training on earth, CrossFit. This maximizes results and functionality in the shortest time possible. Having you in and on with your day in 60 minutes. 

Strong For Life

Fitness for a new chapter of life. We designed this program for members in their prime who want to stay fit, agile and strong for the new generation of kids in the family.

Training Program

With a 100% success rate our ETP program is the opportunity for those fully commited to change to maximize their efforts. 


With the most available schedule for CrossFit in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake we've got you covered for a class that fits you.